Trustee Frank Davis


Trustee Zack Buckner


Vision Statement

The vision of the Trustee Ministry is to maintain and enhance the vision of the church and it's ministries by focusing not only on the financial purposes, but GOD's divine vision, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


The mission of the Trustee Ministry is to be faithful stewards of God's household. While following the will of God and Pastor's vision, Trustees keep the Church and other properties decent, in order and pleasing to God. Trustees prayerfully make decisions to utilize available resources for completion of tasks based on sound business practices. Trustees depend upon the congregation for information and action that will assist in assuring that the appearance, maintenance and function of the Church are used to glorify God and expand His Kingdom of believers.

1550 East Washington Street

Montgomery, AL 36107

East Campus Phone: (334) 265-1807/ Fax: (334) 265-1803

West Campus Phone: (334) 265-0033



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