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The Deacons Ministry


Our vision of service as servant leaders is to assist in the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ, provide love and support to our Pastor, promote and improve the life and ministry of the Church, and to serve and nurture the people of God with the love of Jesus. Jesus is our source for accomplishing our goal and led by His Holy Spirit we are faithful and fervent in prayer, meditating, studying, and knowing God's word and doing God's will .


The ministry and responsibilities of Deacons are found throughout the Bible. The English word Deacon is derived from the Greek non-gender words Diakonia and or Diakonos, which refers to servants, service and the ministration of the office in the Christian community known as the Church.

In the Old Testament (Exodus 18:19-22) Moses, the first priest of the children of Israel, upon the advice of his father in-law Jethro, the priest of Midian, appointed those who assisted him in teaching the children of Israel ordinances and laws, how they should conduct themselves, and the work that they must do.

In the New Testament (Acts 6:1-7) we find the appointment of servants to meet the needs and to resolve an issue of a growing and diverse new church. In the various letters of the Apostle Paul, Paul makes mention of the Deacons of the different churches that he was writing to or was visiting.

Today, and throughout the life and history of Pilgrim Rest

Deacons are serving in the ministry of the Church. You will find Deacons serving communion, visiting the sick and shut-in, early morning prayer service, Sunday School, Bible Class, Music Ministry, Ushers Ministry, Trustees Ministry, Health League Ministry, Strategic Planning Ministry, Social Services Ministry, and even at the door to shake your hand at the end of each worship service.

Come, let us serve and worship the Lord together!

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